Since this paper was written two new discoveries were made at CERN. In the first,

Ds3*(2860)ˉ, a meson that contains a charm anti-quark and a strange quark, was found. .

The number 2860  is the mass of the particle in the units of MeV/c2.

Using the quark table contained here, the kinetic energy component of the mass equivalence is 1548 + 510 = 2038 MeV/c^2

In the second discovery, physicists observed the first particle with one quark from each family: Ξ−b, consisting of one

bottom, one strange, and one down quark, in two higher energy states.  They observed signatures for two particles at

masses of 5935 and 5955 mega-electron-volts


These tables yield kinetic energy values of 5790 and 5795 MeV.