Moons of Pluto

Now that we have more data on Pluto’s moons there is another opportunity to test the predictions of this theory against measured values. The data used here is from Wikipedia:
Calculation for Styx and Kerberos are not made since their mass is not known.
The orbits are treated as being circular with the semi-major axis used as the radius. From the orbital period the following orbital velocities were found ( cm / sec x 103 ):
Charon 9.99, Nix 10.2, Hydra 6.16
The square root of G m / r was found for these three representing their original rotational and revolving speed combined..Since Nix and Hydra are not spherical a radius was assigned to them based on their volume being a sphere. Their estimated mass was used acknowledging the high degree of uncertainty. Here are these calculated values in the same units:
Charon 48 Nix 78 Hydra 1.2
These computed values are all within a factor of less than 10 of the actual values.